Ministries We Collect For
Food Pantry Collections:
Dried beans and rice, dry and canned dog and cat food are needed monthly.  In addition, we’re
collecting canned
and individual containers of fruit, shelf stable or  powdered milk during March.

We also have a basket in the foyer for donations of soap and shampoo people get at motels/
hotels while traveling.  This will go to the Food Pantry.

Coffee For Soldiers:
We are also continuing to collect coffee, hot chocolate and powdered creamers, or money to
help with shipping for the soldiers each week.  Don’t forget about the coupons to help purchase
these items.

For the Homeless:
We are also continuing to collect blankets, coats and sleeping bags for those in need.  If you
have any of those items that need mended, Margie Friel will repair before we donate them.

Baby Grace:
Baby Grace is in need of diapers, mostly sizes 4, 5, 6 and pull-ups.